# 1 : Exiting a full time job for a business venture

” Madam, I am currently working in the public sector.

My dream is getting stronger. I decided, this year to open a kindergarten. I was present at the briefing kindergarten and in terms of capital, God willing, I think there is no problem.

Please share some advise  in this matter in terms of opportunities and challenges. I intend to quit my job and want to work on my own.

Thank you for sharing ma’am.”


Being a salaried person, changes of lifestyle is necessary when we decided to enter the business industry.

Simply because :
+ nobody will pay our salary, but we have to care for other people’s salary
+ we need to pay all related expenses of the business
+ we need to make money out of the business

Prepare the right Business Model Canvas for our business.

Business has a lot to offer. Beyond that, we are able to create the opportunity.

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Below are some points which need to be considered as one decided to venture into business.


Set a specific, measurable, achievable, reasonable and timely objective.

Ouur intention, niyyat and objective need to be set right. Avoid putting objective which is only caters for a short term purposes. For example, “I wanted to have a school so that I can help my family.” or, “I wanted to have a school so that I can have more time with my family.”

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2.  Our knowledge & Skills

Well, there are options of having a business partner to complete such purpose. Get someone who:

+  introduced by others
+ is not our family members (spouse, siblings, parents and close relatives)
+ has different sets of skills and ability : if we have the capital, find someone as partner who is the expert in the field.

These are some of the main areas in business that you need to be equipped with the knowledge.

3 main areas of business management include:
+ operation
+ finance and account
+ human resource


There are 2 systems that we need to observe:
+ education system
+ business management system

We need to use a system to ensure that the school is in order. This include the learning and management system.

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4. Our  MENTOR

A mentor (person) will normally someone who you will always be in touched with to seek advice and views based on their expertise and knowledge.

Other than that, information can be found through many reading materials. READ.

5. Our SUPPORT and partners

The best people to be around with are the people who have positive energy flowing. People with great mind and fantastic attitude.

Go for BUSINESS NETWORKING, develop your “Personal & Professional branding”.

Above all, FAITH is what everyone has inside.

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