Life is great!

We could have heard this tagline in some of the big billboard outside there.

Honestly, i think that this tagline should make a difference in our perception. Be grateful and thank to ALLAH, alhamdulillah with all his creation for a great life!

We came across stories on how some people lead their life and family successfully. At the same time, we heard stories on how babies and unborn child treated in such an unacceptable manners.

On the other side of the world, there are many other things which are out of our imagination keep moving on.

Well, of course most of the time we will focus on our life and we ourselves will not have enough time to think of everything, rite? But, it is also neceesary for us to see others and understand things which happens in other people lives to appreciate our own life.

A session of 5 minutes everyday is good enough for us to reflect and make plan to do necessary correction in our daily life.

What we watch on tv and drama or movie mainly depict the reality of our life, we might wonder…could such thing happen? I always tell my mother not to trust 100% of what is on the show. But, truly, some are really true!

Agian…Life is great!

Alhamdulillah, with all his gift we ae still standing strong as a MUSLIM.

May ALLAhH lead and show us the right way, to be a good muslim. AMIN.

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