When children fight…

Every day I watch my children fight, and they still become friends after that.

They fight over toys, they fight because of words and they fight just because the love to fight!

When I watch them, I see that they fight, then they cry, then they play again. And the cycle goes…

We as adult, fight too…but we always say that we argue.

Adult argue over many other things in many other environment and portfolio. Definitely adult too, look like children as they fight and argue. Though physically we don’t see them cry, they do express ‘cry’ in their own way.

But, we hardly see adults go back to be friends after they argue, well at least most of the time. I could be wrong!

Back to the fact that children fight, I remember that what makes me and my siblings become closer as we grow. We tend to follow group, then we change ‘party’. Then at dinner, we still eat together and have fun as family.

The memories that we kept personally somewhere in our mind, make us cerish every moment we spend together as we grow.

However, when adult argue, I doubt about where and which ‘memories’ that could make them back together and be friends again.

Lately, arguments are not HEALTHY. It is objectively to protect or to be so much bias towards certain idea.

To certain extend, argument become a political strategy to win over certain majority. It should be channeled properly for the benefit for ALL withour sacrificing our relation as friends and as family.

May be it’s time, we learn to be better adults as we watch our children fight!

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