Is popularity a benchmark to a success?

Good to be popular right? The world seems to know you and you seems to be known by everyone. People will talk about you, almost about everything…from your careeer to your hangbags!

Personally I believe that success come together with popularity. As you grow in any industry or career path that you chose, you will be made known and you have to make yourself known to others.

Not necessary as a celebrity who can only sing, but many come from a very high educational background and share many practical things in life with others. Some of these successful and educated celebrities have their own websites which have been used by the public as an educational reference.

I myself is proud to be a Muslim to see my Muslim friends successful in theircareer. I can imagine what they have been through…I believe it is not easy for them too.

However, some other people feels that you can still be humble yet successful without many people know who you really are. Weird right? Well, I have a friend who manage a very successful business, but do not want to make appearance, which I think important as her business really involve ‘human touch’ directly.

I do understand some of my friends who said that they are not really the right person to be called enterpreneur or owner of the business. That is why they do not want to reveal that they are the owner of the business. It could be just another business trick.

But, hey! If you do not have the confidence your self, how can you convince you clients? Then how are you going to lead a group of people who will work for you?

See, again as you have the confidence, you will normally go all out to promote yourself in order to promote the service or business that you are managing. It could be just writing books or planting chillies.

You still have to go out and make yourself known to others. So, at the end you become known and popular!

Along the way, there could be people say things and comments on what you do. Some might be very supportive, some just couldn’t be bothered, and some just feel annoyed with you.

So, I would say that being popular is part of the pathway to climb the ladder of success.


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