To be a GOOD parents: it’s getting tougher

We are happy to have children around us in the family. We are excited when we know we are going to get a new member in the family. We are glad that our children are going to continue our ‘legacy’.

We organise gatherings, parties and many more to celebrate our children and our family members too.

Happines do not come for FREE. There’s always a price to pay for what we want and what we get.

As a muslim, we always remember that it is all about AMANAH.

Children around us, husband , wife and family is not hours. They bolongs to the creator, ALLAH.

Therefore, we are the person who has been given a reponsibility in this world. We care and love them for ALLAH.

Well, a long the way, there are obstacles and challenges. What is sure, we have to take the resonsibility and not to blame others just to comfort ourselves.

Look at a classic example: When we found that our children can read, we are happy, we think that we are the best parents in the world. But, when our children do not recognise ABC, or can not write the alphabet, we will say “what does the teacher do in school?”

See? Can we say to parents is just to give food, provide home and basic needs as in Maslow theory, send to school,then expect miracle and magic to happen to our children.

That’s is where the tougher part as parents will come in. Parents nowadays have more than enough problem to think of every single day.

Still, we as parents are not to find excuses. Like it or not, it is an amanah that we will take and with ALLAH’s will we can always make it successful.

Let’s doa for all young children and parents all over the world, to have strong faith in ALLAH and strong will to succeed in life. AMIN.

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