When our mind stop…

Lately, I wonder why many people including my closest friends seems NOT to be aware of the things happening around us.

There are many children out there, left to death by their unknown parents.

There are many children being abused, threaten to death and some died.

There are many teenagers involve in crime that I do not dare to say it here…embarassing and shocking.

At the same time, volcanoes eruption continues…H1N1 creating a new wave…HFMD…attacking our children… and the list continues.

But, where are we?

Are we still searching for pills just to clear our headache?
Are we just sitting in the office working like crazy…to feed our family?
Or are we just don’t bother to care for the world?
or we just do not want to think?

We said to ourselves, I have had enough problems myself.
We said to ourselves, they are not my children, my family and I do not know them anyway!

But, now, my friend, it is time for us to think.

Make our mind work for something else. Other than just the routine.
Let’s challenge it, to reach the maximum of its potential.

My dear friend, it is time to let our mind continue…the journey of its life. There is still a long way to go.

Let’s think hard to find ways that we can contribute, help by initiating many things and ideas, which could benefit the whole world. For the community, for the country.

At least, let it be beneficial for ourselves and our family.

Make our mind work by:

– talking to our neighbours, you’ll find wonders
– be good to friends, you’ll find helping hands
– be nice to your wife, you’ll find new essence in life
– thrive to be a good muslim ever, you’ll find peace forever

My dear friends, let be a challenge to ourselves, to challenge others. Let us challenge our mind and make it worth, before it stops when we die!

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