Think of what you feel.

“This is a letter to special ‘friends’ that I have.”

Dear friends,

You said to me the other day, you felt uneasy as your other friends do not give support and ‘help’ you in your office work. At the same time, there are too many tecnical errors in your office with regards to your office phone, handphone, printer, air-cond breakdown, lights failure, unavailability of internet connection and many other failure in your office equipment.

You said that’s some of the reason why your job still pending and many can not be delivered on time. While this happen, many of the other staff in your office seems like not reporting things to you that cause you problem to handle with the clients that you are in-charge of servicing.

You said that you have so many things to do, and yet the others are not doing anything and did not do much as what you are doing. In other words, you feel like you are alone, and you are the only one who keep trying hard to complete things and do many things!


Dear friends,

The other day, I told you to reflect and ‘muhasabah’ As I was being told the same thing (exactly like what you told me) by the other friends of yours.

It seems like everybody facing the same challenges and everybody feels that they are the only one who work hard and do everything.

See…we have to think again on what we feel.

The DIFFERENCE here is that my friend, you are the leader, and they are your follower.

As a leader you need to be strong! Though you have many difficulties, you have many problems on your own, you MUST show that you are strong, you can handle things and you are always there for them.

But, it is okay to learn from them too…

If you do not know how to connect the mouse to your computer, you can just simply ask how, even to your cleaner. Rather than just simply ask others to do work that you do not know how to do, you can just simply learn from them.If you do not know how to ‘recite quran’ just learn from some of them who are better.

Nothing wrong to ask and learn from other. You won’t lost respect, instead you will gain them!
Respect is not to be asked, but to be earned. Let’s be humble as we just a tiny creation of ALLAH anyway.

Dear friends,

That day we were talking so much about cleanliness. We were worried that may diseases are coming and many of our clients and friends tend to easily get sick.

Things can be very simple. If you lost a broom, just get a new one and ensure you don’t lost it again! Appreciate the beauty of being simple and easy.

Though it is simple task and chore just to mop the stairs and sweep the main entrance, the tools that you use must be right and clean too!

Dear friends,

These are the challenges of being a leader. We have to take more responsibility, lead by example, show appreciation and just be a normal human being.

None of us is perfect. But we try our best to do the best. I myself working very hard to sustain, survive and thrive for something better for everone. (I have family problems too.)

Most important my friends, thank you friends for sharing, thank you for letting me be in the frame of your life’s picture.

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