Will ‘history’ change your mind?

Well, many said history, but here I would say ‘history’. Old story as in history in our life, story in our family and it could be our love story too!

My question was simple, “Can a ‘history’ change your mind?”

I wanted to share a story of a friend of mine who has been married for ’20 years’ and then was divorced by her husband. I can’t imagine, after 20 years life with kids (definitely more than one!), a man can just simply say, “I married you not because of love, at the first place..Now, I’ve found my first love, I I want her back..”

I myself could not imagine what will happen to me if someone said that..

Personally, I accept the fact than a man can marry to more than 1 wife, of course he must know exactly the criteria and the ‘qualifications’ needed for that.

But, making a nonsense and illogical excuse is not acceptable.

So, for those who think that they are OK, alright with anything, just don’t trust yourself. Because, you might not be able to accept any such excuse from a man in your life, especially the one that you love as a husband.

I moght be wrong, but this is my personal view. As a Muslim, we always have to have faith in ALLAH, with doa as the most important tool in life, tawakkal need to take place.

May ALLAh bless us all. AMIN.

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