When people think that it’s easy…

When we see someone doing certain things successfully, we might think that it could be easy for us to do it too!

Let’s take a simple example. A lady selling nasi lemak by the road side. we might be surprised to know that her weekly collection for selling nasi lemak (which will take about 3 hours a day) is almost as much as a month salary for a fresh graduate! (let’s say her collection is around RM400/day).

Then, some people say,”Oh, I can sell nasi lemak and make money too. Just like her. Emmm…but I don’t think I want to do it.”

Believe me, if this guy try to sell nasi lemak, there is no GUARANTEE that he will be able to make the same collection like the lady did.

Same goes with any other business or profession in life.

Particularly in business, people tend to see the best part of it. The sweet experience, when the company has good business and runs well. But, they did not realise that there are many obstacles, high skills needed and further than that “perseverence” being a person and being a good MUSLIM.

Passion alone will bring us nowhere. But when it comes with perseverence (istiqamah), insya allah, success will be on their way.

For someone who just want to start a business or maybe eyeing for a business opportunity, look deep inside. Look in you.

Ask yourself, “Why I want to do what I am doing?”

Get the answers and work on reality. Real life, real ability, real capacity,to face the real world and to prepare for the end.

Life after death.

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