When you feel…

Hi there!

Time is very limited for me to write something which really comes from heart.Well, life is a challenge. And the challenges can come in many ways. I am grateful that I am surrounded by good people, insyaallah.

Though some can be very negative, I believe that there is reason why Allah make us be with such people.

When we say challenge, we might think that we are the one who is being challenged the most. We are the busiest person, we are the most person with problems and we are the most unlucky person.

Hey! Let’s look and see and hear about others. Stop thinking of ‘me’ and ‘I’.
Start to see ‘us’ and ‘we’ in our life. I believe we shall be able to live in a better world.

If you feel that you are underpaid…LOOK, there are many others are jobless, no income…SO WORK SMARTER TO GAIN MORE,your ‘pay’ can come in many other ways than money, especially health,happiness and love which can not be bought!

If you feel unlove by your spouse…THINK, there are many others being abused, divorced, left alone with kids, or not able to see their kids…SO, APPRECIATE MORE, Allah will give his blessing to us, Insyaallah.

During the time I’m writing this, I myself is being challenged.

Challenged by family matters, kids, and business problems coming in my head, pouring just lika a day with heavy rain.

I am still lucky, and I believe you are still better off with what you have.

May ALLAH holds us with our IMAN.


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