Think to travel?

Travelling can incur a lot of money.

Travelling alone is not as fun as when you travel with some one. Travelling can be challenging for some people with low budget, but more challenging for those with budget.


Well, I found that most people with low budget always plan ahead on what and when to spend money. When the right time comes, they will travel and all cost incurred for the travel will be carefully track.

Therefore, they will be able to spend a very minimal amount and only on all the necessary items.

But, on the other hand, for those with budget, they hardly have a specific budget on any items and things that they buy. Most of the time, they will have a simple budget and will try to finish it instead of saving it!

See it for yourself. How many times do you jot down your expenses on small items such as your drinks, snacks or even when you smoke?

Have you ever considering to manage your expenses on daily basis?…I bet no!

What say you?

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