Do we celebrate achievement OR satisfaction?

Today, a friend of mine expressed her concern on the achievement of a team that work under her supervision.

She said: ‘ There’s no point of getting the certification if we ourselves know that it it not completed and not as comprehensive as what we need for the organisation. I don’t think there’s anything to be happy about, or to celebrate!”

Well, let’s see her situation here.

The team that she supervised was given a task to complete a set of documentation for a certification approval. Upon receiving the approval, their business model will be able to be shared wth other parties easier.

To do this, they work closely with a group of people who called themselves as ‘consultant’. Unfortunately, in this case, consultants are just people who helped you to structured things and put it in a way to be easy to understood by others.

So, the objective for the consultant is minly to help the team to get certified. Meantime, they forget to understand the principle or the main business needs of the client.

In this case, my friend really wanted to have a good business system to be developed and be used easily by others, NOT just getting the certification.

I understand her frustration and it is true:
“Let’s celebrate satisfaction and cherish all achievements.”

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