Just let the ego go!

It is not easy to ask forgiveness and be forgiven.

It is not easy for a person to forget all the bad memories that they have gone through.

When I think about it, I myself have difficulty to forget all the bad things I’ve experienced.

At the same time, I believe I have made mistakes too.

The fact that human is not perfect does not giving us room just to simply continuously make mistakes.

What important, is not to repeat the same mistakes again and always try to improve.

Well, for any ‘mistakes’, some people just simply threatened to make a police report, to sue and see in court, talk bad and spread bad words or just simply write in facebook or blogs to ensure complaints can be seen in public.

‘Mistakes’ that I meant here are not ‘dosa besar’ as what being mentioned in Islam.

‘Mistakes’ here are merely about misunderstanding, miscommunication and human error as they tend to forget things and gets angry easily.

Basically, it is just about the weaknesses as a human being.

Definitely I will be angry if I found out my maid burnt my RM300 dress. Or maybe, when someone hit my car from behind, or the bus driver told me that he forgot to fetch my children to school after 6 months fetching them everyday!

At the end of the day, I have to let my ‘EGO GO’ to leave in peace without ‘hate’ and ‘anger’.

Let the “EGO GO” and let “ALLAH’s rahmah and maghfirah” comes!

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