A view is a view.

I personally agree that personal image is very important and totally undertand the impact on a person’s achievement.

In any industry that we are in, we will be challenged to certain extend to have a consistent self image with the performance that we should reach and achieve.

For an instant, a salesman will need to have a personal image of a ‘sellable’ person. A teacher should potray an image of  a ‘teachable’ person.

However, there is a standard personal image that everyone should have. An image of a “MUSLIM”. These days, wether we like it or not, MUSLIMs especially ladies are being challenged with the ‘new world of fashion’. Fashion that sometime lead to something worst rather than good as expected.

As much as we wanted to  be seen professional and good, there is always guidelines that we have to follow. For all my friends and reader out there, please keep reminding each other and I myself need to be reminded, to always be “professional in the eyes of ALLAH.”

Just to quote from Zig Ziglar in his book – See you at the Top.

“You cannot consistently perform in a manner that is inconsistent with the way you see yourself.”

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