Man will always be a man.

Once I’ve said to my life partner:

“Be my man, don’t make me your man!” I laughed after saying that, when I saw a big grin on his face.

Well, nowadays it seems to be normal that ladies are out to work. Though there are a big group of mothers who devote themselves to be as  housewife, we still see the women are contributing big percentage in the industry.


It becomes a new challenge in this millenium for mothers to handle and be not only mother to their children, and a wife to a husband but they are also a boss to a group of staff and even a worker to a number of bosses. Balancing life becomes more challenging.

Men? They are always be like what they are, unless they understand that they are being challenged to have a wife who need more room of expression and affection.

Again, man will always be a man. Don’t they?

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