Best of both world?: This is what I feel.

When I first decided to spend days back to my hometown for Hari Raya, I wanted to stay longer. However, I have to bear in mind that my boy need to be ready and be prepared for UPSR which will be on the 21st September. Just a few days after we end our holiday. Oh dear!

When we come back, we thought that we would like to visit as many relatives as we can in Klang Valley. Again, the idea of enjoying raya need to be balanced with the need of our boy to be mentally ready for the exam.

Well, I do not really remember how did I manage to go through exams during my primary school years. But,  I remember that I enjoy school, play with my friends and I fight with them too!

Look at our children today? I myself feel the pressure even more. I think all mothers out there feel the same too.

But, we just have to be ready that some expectations are not like what is expected.

People always say that let’s the children benefit from the best of both world. Academic excellent and being a good Muslim too.

Which normally means to be excellent in PSRA exams too. Oh dear!

PSRA is normally taken by students who go to KAFA school which is registered under Jabatan Agama Islam. In my case it is JAIS. Though it is not compulsory, I make it compulsory for my kids.

Looking into my son’s effort, I am just going to be happy if he can pass all subjects with As and Bs. I always pray for that. But, for PSRA I think he will be doing better. (assuming that his performance will be the same as his trial result)

Definitely this is out of “best of both world”.

I hope that all mothers including me, will be able to go through the ‘pressure’ and be ‘cool’. Insyallah, only our doas will be with them.


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