Jobs: Changes that we make.

I remember during our primary school years, teachers and any adults whom I met will always ask a typical question.

“What do you want to be when you grow up?”
And a typical answer came from a little girl, proudly said:

Well, even today, our children will give the same answer, but more varieties are observed. Some will said doctor and  engineer. It seem that this three words are the ‘top three’ in their mind. Teacher, doctor, engineer.

When we become more matured and experienced in life, we understand that those three words are just ‘names of jobs’ which are popular. (easy to pronounce too!)

Jobs are something that we choose. We choose to do the job that we want.

Sometime it could be just because:

  • the pay is good
  • work location as we preferred
  • this is the job that we are offered
  • this is the job that we get
  • we do not have any other job….

Well, for any reason that make us choose the choices,we are being responsible to the changes that we make. We are the person responsible to make the job enjoyable, easy to handle, or just simply terrible!

Being happy doing the job, is also a change that we choose to make.
See, there’s no reason to leave your current job if you are not happy.
Nobody will make you happy except you yourself. 
Furthermore, what makes the company bother about your happiness if you do not make them ‘happy’?

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