Life – live a legacy!

I met a lot of inspiring and good people in life.

I am very much happy and thankful to ALLAH for giving me such strength and opportunity to go on with life, which always  be a way for me to improve and be a better khalifah of ALLAH.
This blog that I created, meant for me to write, practice and continue to express myself through a casual way of writing. I thanked my English teacher in primary and secondary level who had given me the chance to learn good English from them.

I also thanked my parents for supporting me to develop myself to understand language which was foreign to me at that time.

I remembered, my mother always let me listen to the radio and let me have the radio for a specific period of time almost everyday. I listened to Bahasa Melayu program for one or two hours, as it was my foreign language too! (at that time, I was 7 years old)

Now, as I grow older and be more matured, I am thanking everyone who passes by in my life and give me such a meaningful experience.

Experience which always lead me to be more confidence and understand life better. Life as a place to move on and complete the ‘amanah’ to be the ‘khalifah’ of ALLAH.

Preschool life experience as an inexperienced preschool teacher was the greatest experience in my life.

The opportunity given was a golden opportunity to me. The first preschool principal who thought me to be a good teacher, was the one, who I remembered the most.

Now, there are more people that I would love to thank and they will always be in my memory till the end of my life.

Whatever it is, they ‘leave a legacy’ in my life. I am one of their ‘masterpiece’!

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