Relax…don’t panic!

There are many things in life can not be explained with the right words, accurate phrase.

There are mixture of feelings that sometime, we ourselves do not know how to express it.

Out of the blue, we realised that we have hurt someone unintentionally.

Well, this is life and life is getting tougher everyday.

I went through a few experiences of frustration and at the same time excitement come along too!
I guess that this is something normal in anyone’s life.

I just wonder, how life will be if I am not as what I am now?

Astaghfirullah, may ALLAH keep us with Him. An ustaz said that day… “Nikmat datang sekali sekala, tetapi syukur perlu sentiasa.”

Alhamdulillah…alhamdulillah…alhamdulillah…praise to ALLAH.

Great things come from great people, but do you know that great idea not necessary come from great people?

I supposed I need to be more relaxed…NOT panic. Even if someone try to make me one, I should stand strong and say…relax…don’t panic. Let’s sit, think, find out and work out the solution.

Mmmm…easy said than done! (^-^)

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