Learn more, earn more.

I came across this saying as I read one of the article…somewhere that I can’t recall.

Personally, I agree. The ability of an individu will increase and the value of the person will also be higher.

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However, what do you think will happen if people keep learning just to earn more? What does that mean to you?

Are you being paid for learning or you are actually earning more as you practice more and better skills?

Leading to confusion, I agree.



I have a number of friends who continue their study to a higher level in order to get better job and earn more.

Well, that is their choice. True enough, that they earn more and live life as they imagine.

However, I found some of them said that they wanted to do more than just what they do now.

Wow! I noticed that most of my friends who are educated, do not look about ‘earning’ as the main issue anymore.

It is now about satisfaction in life!

See what I mean? Initially,  they just wanted to earn more. As time goes, they realised that earning in terms of income is not going to bring them anywhere.

The real ‘earning’ that they are looking for is their ‘personal satisfaction of achievement’ in life. This could be different for one person to another person.

Insyaallah, with more ‘learning’ process takes place, the more meaningful ‘earning’ will come in our life.

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