Personal frequently asked questions: Answers that I wanted to share.

Being active in business was one of my aimed in life.
To own a business came later in my wish list.
What most important for me is to do something that I really love doing!


I love being with people, teach others and I find satisfaction teaching as I watch improvement and achievement in others.


 Along my new journey as an entrepreneur, I met a lot great people who went through great life experiences.
I noticed that there are a lot that I need to learn.


However, it is best for me and all of us, to share and practice even a little knowledge and experience with others. Insyaallah, life will be more meaningful. Some business associates and friends asked me a few wonderful questions that I think I should share them with you.


Well, here are some of them:

1. Why do you choose preschool business?


Honestly, I do not really choose this line as a business.

I choose teaching just simply because I know that was the only thing that I could do based on my experience.

My first job was as a private tutor.

Later, I found that teaching will be more satisfying only when we have enough time and well planned lessons with a great support team. This was the main reason that made me decided to work in a preschool environment.

After years of experience, I found that I need a room to practice and implement my ‘own philosophy’ as a teacher and young children educator. The only way to enable me to do this is by owning a preschool centre.


2. How do you start your preschool business?
Opening a preschool centre (be it a kindergarten or enrichment centre) is not easy.
I made more than 3 attempts to do it.
At the end, in year 2007, my employer at that time, offered me to take her program and run a centre under license.

Thinking about how much I love the program, I was more than happy to take the offer.


3. What is your educational background?  How do you manage with this nature of business?


Since year 2000, I would say that I’ve spent more than RM50,000 (and the figure still increasing every year) for my personal training to develop professional growth as an early childhood educator and as an entrepreneur too.

The trainings and programs attended were meant to create a ‘bridge’ and reduce the gap between by qualification with business management experience and in teaching young children.

With a great understanding that I need to have the skills to train my own staff, I determined to take up formal classes in Early Childhood programs. At the same time, I attended many business seminars, coaching and conferences to understand better about running an efficient business.

Honestly, many were surprised to meet a preschool teacher as an owner of a preschool, to be at some of these functions. I’ve made them open up their mind and look up at this noble profession, a PRESCHOOL TEACHER!


4. How long have you been in the business?

I am considered new as an entrepreneur as I started the business in year 2007. However, personally, I found that teaching experience help me to soar in the business.


5. How do you maintain yourself and your people?

Again, it is about people. Me as a person, customers who are students and parents and the most important people the staff and the teachers are all the people in the business.

To maintain is to build trust and strong relationship. Well, it will not be 100% achievable, but we always put 100% target when it comes to people.

This includes conducting and creating programs for staff and customers. Sometimes, a simple appraisal session will give you a lot of feedback which will allow you to build trust and relationship.


Strong faith to ALLAh is one of the most important points to be highlighted to all the team members. I believe, with a good intention and ‘niyyat’, we will meet and get the right people too!

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