Working Mother : Is that what you really choose?

Last week, a friend of mine visited me at school. She was my ex-teacher actually. I was happy to see her and spent some time and had a chat. A happy one. At the end of the chat, I remember sending her out at the gate, wave good bye at her and her 2 children.

I noticed that she kept saying sorry for her children’s behaviour of being so active.

Let me share with you what she told me.

She said that life after marriage is great especially when a baby come along. She decided to quit her job as a preschool teacher, focused on her child and help her family in business.

Well, she was happy to have her baby with her and at the same time earned an income as she helped her family business. But, things get tougher as she just earned very little and need to travel far.

As she is having her second baby, she started to think on how can she helped her husband to support her and the children. As she moved to her own house with her husband she saved some but family expenses and price to buy things still keep increasing.

Well, she lead a simple life, try to save here and there but she still found that she need to have something extra in her pocket. She decided to take a half day job and sent her children to a nearby nursery.

She is now happy as not only she can have something extra for the family but at the same time she feels great to be back teaching.

She is very ambitious and I admire her passion to always be better in life.

The ONE last sentence that I told her was that : “As you send your children to a nursery, you are actually helping others to earn something. There, you are also getting something for yourself. Don’t be sorry, feel good about it, as long as your niyyat is right.”

I saw sparks in her eyes and a ‘relieved’ look that she gave me right away after saying that.

Dear friends out there.

Not all of us mothers, are lucky to get job and work just for fun. Many of us work, want to have fun have friends, but that is not the only objective of working.

Well, let us be thankful for what we have and always remember to set the right niyyat everyday! Alhamdulillah.

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