Today, I had 2 meetings. One in the morning and another in the afternoon. A business meeting which later followed by a coaching session meeting.
Working station

I met two different sets of people. A group of business minded people and a group of people who wanted to achieve and perform their very best in their job.

Though most people thought that business meeting is great, I found that meeting people who know how to position themselves are better.

Let me share with you what I observed.

Some people tend to be influenced and their mind already being set to accept and expand in a certain way.

A person who always be surrounded with people who love to do charity work will have a different mindset from those people who always work in a creative environment.

A young and new person venturing into business will also have a different mindset with certain objectives and goals. This will be different compared to those who have established certain amount and number of business.


A mentor once said to me. When you want to start a business you need to have three things. Knowledge, mentor and system.

Knowledge will usually relate to certain skills which is necessary for a person to master in a particular business. In education industry for example, one need to have a basic understanding about the current education system applied in our country.

Ability to relate to others will be a skill which is very highly needed. If you have experience and professionally trained as a teacher, you have a bonus there!

Mentor always refers to a person or a source of reference. Books could also be mentor. In this new era, you tube and e-book is also part of a business life which we can refer as mentor. Meeting people and finding the right mentor is also crucial.

A mentor might not come from a similar industry. However, business principle and ethics in managing a business will be something general that can be adapted accordingly.

System is another factor to determine the success of any business. System which covers the bigger frame of a business to the smallest operation part of it will help to ensure the flow of any business. This will include financial control system and human management too.

A person in business need to know where do they come from, where they are now and where they are heading?

Though a MENTOR is someone that normally you refer and follow, you might need to have more than one mentor. In my case, I have a specific person to be my mentor in finance, and professional branding.

However, I do not make myself to be totally influenced by my mentor. He is only a guide for me to adapt myself and find the best solution for specific issues that I need to address. I always remember that once I started doing things because of people, I will get into trouble.

Decision made must be supported with a strong intention, great enough to make me run to the finishing line. Commitment taken will need to be based on my personal capacity. Yes, I wanted to be successful but I would want to have it the right way.


·         If I were to be a leader, I will need to be strong enough
not to create follower, but to keep people remain
together, helping each other and be love and kind to each

·         If I were to help others, I will need to be strong enough
to accept the fact that they might not be able to pay me
back, ready to accept if they turn their back and walk
away from me.

·         If I were to gain, I will need to be strong enough to
ensure that I will remember those who have helped me
and try my best to do the same to others.

With the above note, I cannot be doing things, making decision only base on ‘people’ or because of ‘someone’. I need to do it, because I know why. I believe, when I am able to put myself at the right level, I will reach the finishing line of my marathon the way it should be.


I do not want to enter a race, where I have to overtake and ensure everybody is far behind and when I reach the finishing line, nobody is there …to celebrate my success with me.

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