Two days ago, a friend of mine called me. Well, actually I called her but she did not pick up the phone. However, she returned my call.

Let me share with you about my friend and what she told me on that. It was a story told over  conversation on the phone.

My friend is a person who is quite matured and have been in business quite sometime.

She does not believe in things such as ‘gores and menang’ or any stuff related. She hates sales girls with flyers and will never entertain any of them.

She feels that these people are bothering her and she just got no time to waste!

She does not agree with boys who are going from table to table to collect donations. She turn her face when there are people came to her at the petrol station to ask for money.

She believes that these boys are being used and there is always syndicate who will use them in many ways!

However, somehow on that one fine day when she was filling in petrol for her car, a boy came and as usual ask for donation. She felt very much easy and without thinking much, she just simply took out a note of RM10 and gave to him.

Upon receiving the boy make a prayer in front of her while she was waiting for her tank to be filled up. It was a long doa though. And she thought that the boy was just being happy for getting RM10 from her. Well, the day went off.

The next day, as she was strolling in a hypermarket looking for a vacuum cleaner, a sales man approached her with a flyer. As I said just now, she hate all these salesmen.

However, on that day she felt so calm that she thought she got ample time to entertain this guy.

She gave him her time to listen to him, filling up some guest book and ended up receiving an envelop which contain gifts for her to open.

To cut the story short, she ended receiving so much offers and gifts on the same day at the same hypermarket!

Listening to her story, I remembered once that someone said to me, ‘When you are in need of something, go and give more to the needy.’

Initially, I was thinking…how come?

If I really in need of money, I need to give money to others.
If I really need time for myself, I need to give my time to others.
If I really need a solution to problems, I have to solve other people’s problems.

I guess, what my friend experienced was just another lesson for me to reflect.

‘Life is about what you give to others’.

Alhamdulillah. Now I understand better that helps will come to you as you help others.

But, hey! How many of us will remember that when we a re really in trouble?

How many of us always lost our temper and lost our mind when we are having problems?

How many of us helping others to solve their problems when we ourselves in trouble?

Dear friends, try this advise.

When you are in need of something…badly, give it to others first…

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