MOM IN BUSINESS: 6 ways to find life balance.

Having so many things in hand will drive you crazy. Duties as a wife and mother are already challenging.
An additional load of roles and responsibility in our business is another side of our life that we need to handle.
There are many ways on how to find balance in life as mother in a business.
Let us share some. Most are mainly what I found benefit me in many ways.
1.  Allocate time for yourself
Make a business appointment with yourself. Go for a massage, pamper yourself at any SPA, go for shopping or just go out for a cup of your favourite coffee. It is just a special time for you to enjoy yourself.
Many of us will feel guilty leaving our business or staff while we let ourselves have a time. Almost every other hour, you will be calling and checking on them.
Well, it is time for us to take a break. Give them some trust and we will be trusted in return. Just ensure that we are always ready to assist them through calls or emails.
2. Be organized
When we have so many things to do, we might get stuck. We do  not know where to start. Here are little things that we can do to ease our mind while working to be more productive.
·         Let’s have a to do list : Have a simple ‘to do list’ at least for the next day.
·         Let’s prepare in advance : Get all our things ready tonight, for tomorrow.
·         This include our clothes, your child’s school bags and many more. This will ease our morning routine.
·         Let’s get ourselves a planner : Get any form of planner to plan our work and family activities. It could be just a simple book, calendar in our handphone or even our iPad.
The key is to work smart!
3. Stay connected and uses technology to spend time wisely.
Get use to all the gadgets we have and connect to our loved ones. We might want to have access of internet in our phone to communicate via email with our clients.
But most importantly, we need to communicate and contact our loved ones including our husband, children, staff and other business associate.
Try not to save cost and yet our time is wasted. Get ourself connected to emails and ensure that we have a good phone. While waiting for our child after school we can schedule our work and update our to do list.
While waiting for a meeting to start we can send emails, make appointments and follow up calls. Therefore, we can utilised our time wisely without wasting it!
4. Be happy
Most mothers, including me feel guilty every time we leave home for work, appointment or any business meetings. Well, stay positive and leave the guilt.
Our intention to involve in the right business will benefit not only us and our family, but for the whole nation!
5.  Set your limit
After sometime n the business, we might have an emotional attachment with the business. Just remember that the business is not all ours. There are staff and other people who relates to the business.
Therefore, do not over commit. If we do need to take a day off, go ahead.
Try to lower our expectation and learn to trust others. Once we have the right system and procedures in our business, everything will be in good hands.
6. Be active
Not having enough time will always be an excuse not to exercise. It results us becoming some one with little stamina. Yet, we need to work hard for our business. Allocate time for exercise.
I have to admit that I myself having difficulties to allocate time. Whenever possible, I will park my car further to have myself walking. 🙂
Create family activities. Simple outing at the park, flying kites or jogging over the weekends are some activities that we can always plan with our family. Be creative to achieve more than one objective in everything that we planned.
There are times when I need to bring my kids to school for sports day or tuition class. Most of the time, I miss this opportunity.
While having family activities, we might also find our self seeing new people. Arrange for a regular meet up and get to know new people. Spending time with our neighbours, our children’s friend and family is part of it. Remember, we have to go for networking.
It is up to us to decide and take necessary action to ensure that our business life will enhance your personal life.
Nothing is easy, and anything is possible with courage.
Happy balancing moms!

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