(English) The Story of My 1st Pregnancy. – Part 2

On that very night at 8pm, after my maid come back in the afternoon, I told my husband that I felt very uncomfortable and the pain came more frequent. I could not describe how was that ‘contraction’ feel at that time, but my husband also said that we better go to the hospital.
Upon reaching the hospital, I was being  scolded by the doctor for not coming much earlier, as they found that there was very little water left in my waterbag! The doctor said  that I was lucky that I did not have fever.
Well, in the labour room as I started to push my baby, I lost my strength. I have no more enegry after 3 times of pushed. Which I realised due to my insufficient food intake during the day. I did not eat and merely eaten only 2 slices of bread during the day, without taking dinner due to the pain which I exerienced!
Alhamdulillah, after the struggle (I am not sure how long my baby did not get enough oxygen supply when her head stuck on the way out) my baby was born save with ‘vacum’ procedure. I was very weak too.
I stayed with my mom during my 40 days of confinement. My baby had jaundice which quite high, but recover slowly. On the 16th day, my baby got chicken pox and after she recovered, I was  having it too. It was quite worrying as not much did I know about the effect of babies having chicken pox at a very early stage. Me and my baby managed to went through the difficulties with the assistance of my family and my husband.
Well, through the development years of my first baby, I realised how my emotion during my pregnancy effect  directly, tremendously on my baby. Let’s recap my situation during pregnancy:
1.     Most of the time I was not emotionally not stable.
2.     I ate too much fast food and junk food, a lot.
3.     I was easily crying and love to keep myself in the room alone, away from
        other people.
4.     My waterbag broke much earlier.
5.     My baby face difficulty during labour.
6.     My baby got jaundice and take some time to recover.
7.     My baby got chicken pox in her first 30 days.
With my family and my situations which I have shared, I now realised that my experience and the dynamic of the family, shape a child’s development. Let me share with you some issues about my baby:
1.     She is always crying and get easily irritated. She cries when she does not get
         something or does not know something.
2.     She only wants me as her mother to be with her. She is quite reserved.
3.     She is comparatively small in size.
4.     She is having quite a low self-esteem.
5.     As she grows, she learn differently and shows some traits of dyslexia. She
        needs more time to understand and see things the other way round.
However, knowing the experience, I was able to assist my first baby went through her life journey until today.
Furthermore, my first baby’s experience made me a better person. I was much ready an prepared during my 2nd-5th pregnancy and it was a better experience.
But, none of my 5 preganancies gave me the same emotion, experience and energy.

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