STOP talking about problems!

Dear friends, whom I believe will always be in a better position and shape day by day. 

It is quite unusual to post something with an arrogant kind of title. But, I found that this is so irritating and need to be jotted down and shared.

Well, in any environment or situation, I doubt that no one is FREE from problems. Problems arise every seconds and because of that we live our life. With problems people become better, as they strive to solve it. In business, people are selling solutions and make millions and billions!

However, in our daily life, how many of us do really work on the problems and plan for solution? How many of us do really act on the plan to resolve problems? How many of us do really realize that we are having problems?

Yes, it is time for us to work on the problem and STOP talking about it! It is also true that creating a ‘problem solving culture’ is not as easy.

But, many have done it successfully. So, why not us?

Recently, my friend shared with me on how she use a specific format to solve problems in her workplace. It is a simple method but very meaningful.

5W and 1 H.
1. Give a specific and real situation of a problem or issue.
2. Write the impact and implication of the situation (from 1)
3. List down why this happened.
4. List down action which can be taken.
5. Write a specific name of a people to lead the action.
6. Jot down the dateline and when, specifically.

Ask “what if”, “why not”

To get more ideas to solve problems and find further details of some solution this can be used.

1. Write the issue.
2. List ALL possible solution without any logic thought.
3. Screen the ideas.
4. Keep asking “what if” and “why not” for each.

Well, we do need some structure at the beginning to ensure that everyone understands about the culture. A culture where everybody ‘solve any problems’ together as a team.

Now, have you seen or face any problems today? Try to do the above ideas and see how your mind works tremendously!

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