"Mom, I LOVE you!"

The moment that a woman has someone in life called a ‘husband’, her life change tremendously. It is beyond love and care. It is beyond what mind can think of.

Yes, love brings you to places which was never be in any women’s mind. It brings joy and laughter not only for seconds but for the rest of the days in a woman’s life.

Somehow, it does not come with only the great joy and energy. It accompanied by bad memories and challenging journey that a woman could imagine.

Wow! When another life be part of you, you are filled with emotions. You find it difficult, but you realized that this life which grows in you for 9 months will be part of you and your husband’s life too. Moments are great and patience is needed. Duties doubled up as the happiness approaching you.

You start thinking on many other things which not only about you and your husband, but for the life that you wanted to nurture for the rest of your child’s future.

Well, at that moment, you do find that sometime you want to give up. You realized that you need someone to be with you. Always be with you. To go through life and expect the same ‘love and care’ will remain the same from a person that you always called ‘honey’. Sometime, you wanted to cry and be with your ‘mommy’.

Well, some of us were just lucky. Some of us are very strong. You manage to forget what went wrong, and plan to be better. You manage to forgive others, and remember that people makes mistakes as you do. Some of us are blessed, in many ways, one or another.

It always with Allah’s blessings, that good and bad always comes from Him. You will always be in good hand. I know you know that, and all of us wanted to take it that way too.

Many are brave and persistent. You have perseverance and determine to enjoy life despite all tribulations. You wanted to see your child grow with friends and siblings at home. You make life more meaningful with legacy of the children’s life.

Again, you shared your life, and share your emotions with the next life in the same womb. And you have thought from the beginning, that you wanted life with your husband filled with laughter and joy from your own children.

Carrying, delivering and nurturing is not easy, but you survive the pain and duty. You are given such strength, that you yourself do not see where does it comes from. Deep inside, you know you have faith and it grows and become stronger. Day by day with the life in you, you have courage and strength for your next child in the same womb.

My MOM (of 5 children) and my Sister (of 2 children).

Though hardship and challenges could be heavy and a burden that makes you feel could no longer be able to go through, you are given a continuous strength, inside and out.

It is all about you, and how you see values in you. It is how you love and care for yourself, which determine how much will you care for others.

It is about the faith that you have. No other things matters to you. You know how to do it, why you do it and where is your destination. Your determination supersedes all your weaknesses.

Your love and care takes over all hate and curses. And above all, your faith in Allah brings you to the level in life, which you yourself could not explain.

I love you and may Allah love you even more.
May Allah bless you, Mom!

ME, (mom of 5 kids), my AUNT, (mom of 3 kids) and my SISTER (mom of 4 kids).

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