Enterpreneurship : A continuous learning process.

As my eyes feel tired, my mind still wants to work. As my body love slower, my fingers keep punching on the glow in the dark letters on the keyboard. 

There are many things happens in life, which many you cannot control. However, there are always ways and good solution to many problems too.

Life become more meaningful when we know where we are heading and what are the objectives of life itself. Man was created to be the ‘khalifah’, which carries duty as a follower and leader in many dimensions.

Come, let us talk about being an entrepreneur and having your life busy and precious. Below is the last paragraph in n article which I came across at http://www.entrepreneur.com/article/223112.

Successful business owners understand entrepreneurship is a continuous learning process. “You reach a point that you no longer can control everything,” Hess says. “Therefore you have to trust, and therefore you have to engage people in something meaningful. It’s more than a job. It’s a personal transformation.” 

Yes, it is “more than a job” and “it’s a personal transformation”. I found that many at the initial stage of handling business (regardless of the size), will focus on how to survive in the business. 

They spend time on planning and thinking on how to generate and maintain the positive cash flow. Well, it is part of the learning process.

But, there are also many entrepreneurs who are busy with engaging themselves with people. There are some entrepreneurs who are looking seriously into the ‘people’ issue. Be it their customers, staff or even the community.

Either way, being an entrepreneur, a person will eventually go through the process of engaging himself with people. Yes, I know that many entrepreneurs have the objective of making more many and have more time. 

However, I had enough of some entrepreneurs who believe that, ‘business is about making profit’ and yet ‘not sharing the profit’.

Personally, I believe that profit must be shared. As engagement takes place, profit will definitely come along. Let us go through a simple process. 

Engagement with customers, generate satisfaction. Engagement with suppliers, create stable flow in operation. Engagement with staff, maintain your operation. 

Engagement with the community, build trust.Many thought that they are an ‘entrepreneur’. Little that they know, they are still at employee level. 

Some are still at managers level. A perception which makes people thought that once they own a business they are an entrepreneur need to be adjusted.

Having a business or own a business does not mean you are an entrepreneur until and unless the person really shows attributes, attitude and spirit of an ‘entrepreneur’.

Engagement needs to be consistent. You might need to hook yourself to a proper working station.
Really, it is a learning process which will never end. 
Instead, it keeps changing and moving. Different challenges are alive from one phase to another. 

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