LIFE : A walking journey.

As my child started to learn walking, she experienced how painful it is when she fell down. Yet, as the other siblings clapping and cheering, she looked very motivated and keep trying to stand steadily on her two feet.

The scenario continues for 30 minutes and all of us saw her tired face. She started to cry and the eldest sister quickly come to her and persuade her. She was trying so hard telling her little sister that it is all right if she felt tired and need rest.

The other sister however, wanted her to keep trying to stand and walk. Later, the little girl quietly sat down as she watched the two elder sisters quarreling. 

You might experience what I have gone through at this stage. I wonder how children easily quarrel and yet they could still hug and kiss each other less than 5 minutes later! I envy how they could simply laugh over their mistakes. They cry when being scolded, but never have the hate towards their mother.
They do pinch each other, and sometime they pull each other’s hair. Yet, they called each other for lunch. They are busy passing plates and cups over dinner. They are still laughing after they fight.
I envy the children…
They are able to understand passion and determination in a fun way. They do quarrel over little things, but they are able to build trust and relationship at the same time. They support each other happily and forgive each other too. 
They play and they disagree over many things. Yet, they still hug each other after they finish playing. They do shout to each other to clean up toys. At the end of the day, they still sleep together.
I believe, we as adult need to remember how we learn to walk when we were small. We need to refresh our memory on how we support each other and cheer for our little achievement for every little steps taken.
As adult, we thought we know many things. 
Let us take some time to slowly explore life, a meaningful life.
But, instead of running, let us walk. Walk briskly and enjoy the journey. Journey of life which need to be experienced. Experience which need to be explored. Exploration of opportunities to be on the right path. The path to ‘jannah’.

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