EQ : The importance, for me and my children.

Human are known with their ability to think with a high mind capacity to analyze. Being creative and innovative is another factor which makes human becomes the most incredible creature.
Ability to be focus and aware is another skill which tremendously made human special. This ability enables a person to understand his own emotion and other people’s emotions, which lead them to make better decision in life.
EQ relates directly with a person’s emotional intelligence, which could affect his entire life. As adult, it is not necessary mean easy for us to be aware all the time about things happening around us. It does not mean that as an adult, we have higher emotional intelligence compared to when we were in our childhood life.
However, we definitely need to build our children’s emotional intelligence as early as possible in their life. Let us read the quote below to understand further.
75% of careers are derailed for reasons related to emotional competencies, including inability to handle interpersonal problems; unsatisfactory team leadership during times of difficulty or conflict; or inability to adapt to change or elicit trust.”  — The Center for Creative Leadership, 1994
As a mother, I believe that there is never be too late for each of us, as an individual to make changes in life. Though, it is difficult and challenging, a decision to build strength over our weaknesses is very important.
Therefore, building necessary skills to develop our children’s EQ will be more meaningful and beneficial if we could start from the early years of their development.
As children are unique, we need to learn and acquire new knowledge and skills very often to support them. During their early developmental years, life experience will help us to build higher level of EQ in our children.
Our children need to learn how to express their anger and frustration in the right way. Perhaps, instead of showing tantrums, they can always talk and tell an adult about their feelings. As an adult (normally mother or father), it is crucial for us to facilitate the learning for our children. Every moment is a learning moment for the children.
They need to experience situations where they learn to care for each other, share and be kind, following rules, make decision and get along with others. Many of these learning experiences come from a specific environment, which enable them to explore by themselves with an adult supervision.
It is our choice to decide on the learning ambiance that we wanted for our children. It could be a formal learning environment in a daily school or regular classes. Still, they must always learn the most from us at home. I believe EQ develop the most from life practical experiences.
Above all, EQ is very important for my children for many reasons. Among the most prominent are to enable my children to:
  1.    Monitor and control own emotion.
The ability to understand own emotions will enable my children to be aware on his actions and reactions. Whatever they do and say will definitely leave a positive impact on others in all environments at all level.
   2.    Understand other’s emotion.
Others are important, as a person can’t live without others around them. This ability will enable my children to handle situation tactfully. They will be able to treat everybody fairly. Furthermore, they will be more likely accepted in any society and culture.
   3.    Discriminate good and bad emotions to make good decision.
There are some emotions, which are bad in certain situations. However, the same emotions could be good for another scenario. The ability to discriminate this will ensure my children to be a good decision maker. In many situations, decision need to be made fast.
   4.    Have good social skills.
Being accepted by others needs not only skills but also intelligence. The ability to adapt to new environment with new people and strangers will be easier for my children when they have the right level of EQ. It will further made my children be focus in what they do and at the same time aware about others and the situation around them.
   5.    Be empathetic.

An empathetic individual, will always able to see himself in other’s situation very well. Therefore, they will always behave and react the way they find it comfortable on how others should treat them. EQ will enable my children to serve and contribute to others and be more beneficial to the society.

   6.    Keep motivated.
Life is challenging and it will always be. Motivation keeps a soul to move on, regardless of the situation and challenges. EQ will boost my children’s ability as they become steadfast to achieve their goal in life.
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