What is happiness?

Life is alive when we go through our day everyday. We face different challenges and our emotions change accordingly.
There are things, which make us smile and laugh. There are also experiences, which make us feel sad and make us cry.

Happiness is another emotion which specially given for human other than sadness. Happiness defined uniquely by different people.



Some takes happiness as having family with them. For some other, happiness is when they have enough money.


Whatever reason and definition of happiness that one could have, it is all about how he thinks and value on things and what happenings around us.


Each individual will think differently. However, there are many things in life which we have some thought which are common. We somehow do agree on certain thing, and might have different view in some other thing.


What we value, depends and relate directly with what we have been thought and exposed during our early life experience. When someone lived in a loving and caring family, they usually value family more when they become adult.


If they have been brought up in an environment where they always travel and be free to make decision, they will tend to give more value for experience and adventure in life.


When a person thinks that money is more important than others, he will have higher tendency to put higher value on money in his life. Therefore, having money and more money is his happiness. Ability to be in control in life through a strong financial status will lead him to be motivated in life.


While another person thinks and value family as important and more valuable in his life, having family and being with them is happiness.


Therefore, having enough time to be with family is considered as the greatest moment and achievement that they have in life.

As human is unique, each of us is different. However, we do have many things in common as human too. There are many values and school of thoughts that many will agree to it.

Therefore, what is happiness?

I would love to conclude that happiness is the ability to live in harmony with love and respect to what others think and value in life. It starts by accepting our own thought and value. Then, it is extended to how we communicate within our community and the world around us.

Happiness is a choice. Let us choose to live life happily!

*This article is an entry for ParenThot.

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