What are your beliefs?

Dear friends,

I have personal views and different views about how corporate people think. There are times, I personally admire them and wonder how could they come up with such brilliant idea. The thinking which mainly very objective and focus on reaching target and objectives, make me find myself way behind in business life.

Regardless of the size of any business, the thinking and how an individual see things determine his success. Therefore, I once realized that I need to change how I think to be more successful. Later, I began to realize that my thinking will bring me to further success with the right action taken at the right time.

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As time pass by, I found that thinking and action alone without being backed with strong values and beliefs could make someone lost in their own world. Life philosophy that you holds and strong values that you belief in are normally comes from the way you have been brought up by your family. Your family values and experience with your community gives impact in your life too.

Life experience become our great teachers. As much as we would like to avoid making mistakes, mistakes give us the opportunity to learn and stand up from failure.

Recently, I spoke to a 2 gentlemen who have been successful in their field of business. As we talked and discuss on how they both manage to climb their ladder of success, I realized that 3 of us came from different background. We hold different values and we have entirely not the same beliefs in management style, particularly in human resource and financial matters.

Differences make us strong. Similarities make us stronger.

Let me share with you what I have concluded for myself when it comes to people development in an organization.

1. People need to be developed with trust and empowerment.

2. Monetary reward is a temporary motivation and not right for the right people.

3.  Money is important to get thing, but good heart is the real thing.

4. What we do is not for everyone and not for the whole lifetime of anyone, but to do good deeds only for the sake of Allah.

5. ‘Barakah’ is beyond any policy dan reward system that anyone can give. It must be taken by YOU!

6. To have FAITH in Allah is above all.

There are times when I found myself sinking in other people’s beliefs and values.

Life become very much related with money. It becomes a solid carrot and stick system. Rewards must be given for good deeds and good deeds must be rewarded. Reward must be tangible and reward must come with public recognition.

However, as I found many who hold the same values with me, I am very sure that this journey towards ‘jannah’ will not be easy.

Again, I always ask myself…what do I value in life?


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