It just seems to be yesterday…

Today, as I drove home I realised that the road was busier compared to other days.
Oh ya! Then only I remember that they are preparing for the new year celebration. The night where people gather to watch movie or watching any firework show. 

Ya, tomorrow is the first day in 2013.

And to me, it just seems to be yesterday that…
I saw myself struggling to learn numbers.
I learn reading jargons of the language.
I was knocked down by bad experience in life.
I met great people who inspired.
I spoke to a group of energetic entrepreneurs.
I sat with the account girl to check and learn on the figures.
I discussed with the ladies in HR department on policies to confirm.
I got my baby safely on my lap from the nurse…
Well, a lot that I have learnt in life, in 2012. And it shall continue.
The ups and downs are many. Challenges are always there to keep us alive.

There were nights when I can’t sleep till the next morning. There were weeks that I worked 7 days continuously. There were times when tears keep flowing on my cheeks for hours.


There were moments when an email keeps me trembling for the whole day. There were days when my handphone bill double than the usual.
Absolutely! There were happy moment seized too.

There were great time when people applauded me on stage. There were times when people thanked and congratulated me. There were days where people smile and solve their issues after I spoke to them. 

There were days when those little feet running happily when I reached home. And there were days those little hands brighten my day as they hug and touch me.
There were so many things happened in 2012.  I learnt that…
  • I design my life and take charge of it.
  • I am destined to be successful only when I want to be successful.
  • When you are  in a good position, people will stay with you. The great one will stay even when I am in a bad situation.
  • No matter how much you want to change others, only he himself can change it.
  • People will still say bad things about you, even when you mean to be good.
  • I can’t change how others see me, but I can decide how do I see others.
  • Others can only love and understand me, if I let them.
I am sure of what I am not sure of.
Well, may all of us heading to a better year ahead.

             Welcome 2013!

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