The RICE Story.

I love rice. I eat rice every day. I love my day. I love life.
When I was little, I used to play with my cousin at home. Somehow, at the age of 5 and 6 years, my mother did not send me to school, any preschool. Most of the time I was with my mother at home. I only had a younger brother at the age of 6 years old.
I followed my mother to do her daily chores. She woke up as early as 4.30am. I remember how sweet was the rice smell as she cooked early in the morning.
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My father worked in a palm oil estate. He cycled everyday for 20-30 minutes to work. Therefore, he took heavy breakfast and my mother packed the food for him as well.
I love RICE.
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For breakfast, my mother normally cooked rice and we ate it with ‘dried salted fish’, anchovies or dried acetes. (udang geragau) It came with simple vegetable such as stir fry long bean.
It was so nice and delicious when eaten with hot white rice. I can eat up to two plates at that time.  It was just simple and delicious.
RICE is heaven! LIFE is great!
I love the smell of rice as much as I love my life.
But, I remembered how difficult it was for my mother to cook rice. It was not only about how hard my father worked to earn money to buy rice. To cook rice was not easy too.
I remember the time when I was watching at mother preparing our food. We used to have a traditional stove which we called as ‘dapur kayu’. We use woods and stick to light up the fire to cook.

It is clear in my memory, how I saw how my mother used a can and scoop in the rice bag. As my family considered a big family, she normally took 3 scoops of rice and pour it in the pot. She did that very fast. It looked easy.

She washed it three times. As she cleaned it, she removed all dirts. At that time, I did not know that rice come in grades.Then, she put her pointer finger in the depth of the rice and later added in clean water and measured it again. I noticed that she did that thoughtfully.
Well, life is just like rice.
Leading life is just like cooking rice.
It is usual, things that we do almost everyday, sometimes without much thinking.
I love RICE!
Cooking rice involves experience and knowledge.
It is not only the taste that you remember, also the smell and the texture.
Though, these days, we use rice cooker to cook, it still requires skills and technique.
Making decision in life also need to be fast yet thoughtful.
Though most rice looks the same, there are different types of rice. Life looks the similar too. But, it is not same. Not everyone love to eat the same type of rice.
I still, LOVE rice!
Yes! RICE is rich with stories. Stories which you and I need to have a look at. It is a story of LOVE and LIFE.
Seized a moment, and have a thought on how much RICE has given valuable lessons in LIFE.

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