Overcoming fear.

Dear friends,

I remembered in year 2011, when I received an email from a mother.

She explained that her child experienced a ‘traumatic’ incident in school. As a result, when she sees the ‘thing’ or come across ‘similar experience’ she will behave frantically. Sometimes, she will cry and do not want to be left alone.

Recently, I have a friend who has a similar experience but with different scenario.

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Here, let me share with you some simple steps which could help to

“Overcome Fear over an Experience or Item”.




1. Get your child experience to enjoy the situation or the item.

If the child fears of an item such as TEDDY BEAR, try to play fun games with your child using the teddy bear. Play simple games such as ‘let’s dress up our bear’, ‘sun bathe the teddy’ or ‘catch and throw the teddy’.

If the child afraid of dark, try to play fun in the dark. Have an indoor camping experience, tell stories using puppet in the dark.

You might want to just simply lie down and watch the ceiling and talk about how you feels after you switch off your bedroom light.

Share with your child how beautiful life is when it is not too bright.

You can try to bring your child to go for a movie or watch movie fun movie at home in the dark.

2. Get your child to have control over the situation or item.

Bring your child to a store and let her pick her own teddy bear. If not, let her find something similar which could be a cat or a giraffe to replace the teddy bear.

In the case of darkness, let you child have control over the light of his room. Get a table lamp or anything similar which he can have control over. He can set how dark the room he wants at his own comfort.

Get some ‘glow in the dark’ fun items to be decorated on his bedroom wall or ceiling.

3. Get the 3rd party involvement.

Well, there must be ‘someone’ who was responsible for the incident and experience. Get at least some understanding and help from the respective person to speak and talk to your child about the experience in a positive perspective.

In case that the person is not easy to reach, try asking him to write emails or letters or communicate over the phone.

However, if it does not work, try to get your child’s teacher in school to have the child experience the item or situation in a positive manner as in note 1 and 2 above.

Dear friends,

This experience might be yours. You can always share with others and let the experience benefit all.

Let us keep our children’s life positive regardless of how negative the input was.

With faith and consistency in practice, we will be able to lead our children to be what they meant to be. Insyaallah.

May Allah bless!

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