A Focus and Effective Meeting.

Meetings are important. However, many meetings end-up to be a social and gathering meetings rather than serving the real purpose of a meeting. Discussion and brainstorming are some activities which takes place during a meeting.

SOURCE: blog.tribeinc.com
SOURCE: blog.tribeinc.com

Meetings need to be taken objectively. As far as everyone is  concern, meeting is to update on related matters, resolve issues and bring new ideas in.

As long as the objectives of the meeting being met, it can be done even in 5 minutes. However, the greatly depends on the objective of the meeting itself.

Below are some items which can help to focus when conducting meetings:

1. Plan, schedule and location.


Every meetings need to be planed and scheduled. Most important, it should not be taking so much of the team members to travel. If it is so, arrange for an early arrival for them to have enough rest. The location and frequency of the meetings will need to be in the schedule too.

Some meetings can be arranged casually in a location where people can gather and enjoy a cup of coffee. However, it depends on the type of meeting which will depend on how serious the content is. The chosen location enable to make the discussion go with the flow.

For a brainstorming session and to decision making, meetings need to be done in a more formal settings. Whereas, if it is updates and reports presentation it could be a little leisure-like environment.

2. Study meeting needs 

SOURCE: www.relationship-economy.com

Meeting should not just be a routine. There must be a specific needs when a meeting is conducted. Study the need well and the efficiency of meetings will greatly achieved.

Some meetings can be changed into another format. Many prefer to have a small group discussion style as they meet.

Bottom line, meeting must meet certain objectives and needs.

3. Content and agenda

Prepare ahead what to be discussed so everyone will be ready to attend the meetings. Do not let people’s mind to come ’empty’ for a meeting. A prepared individual are more likely to contribute more in the meeting.

SOURCE: choralemelodieiasi.wordpress.com
SOURCE: choralemelodieiasi.wordpress.com

To enable the meeting to be focused, avoid discussing the technical content which hinder flow of ideas.

Detailing technical matters which should be discussed with the right people and the experts need to be done separately.

For instance, if a meeting is to explore on ideas organising great events, issues on license and approval process from the local council need to be discussed separately. Some challenges when not being discussed with the professionals could be a hindrance for the team members to explore new ideas. Most likely it simply creates a ‘demotivated feeling’ with uncertainties in the meeting.

4. Action plan

This is the most important part. Every meeting need to be recorded in a so called as a ‘minutes of meeting’. This will help to ensure that the points agreed in the meeting are taken into action.

SOURCE: www.adcet.edu.au
SOURCE: www.adcet.edu.au

Many are able to come out with great plans and ideas. Yet, the result is what people are looking for. Therefore, an action plan, well planned is the essence of the need in any meetings.

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