Stories Untold.

I was attending an event where I met new friends.

It was normal to be happy to see some new faces from a wide range of industry. It happened that I met a friend  whom I admired much on his enthusiasm in business.

He was a guy with mission to accomplish in life.

His forte is still remain, professional financial speaker or I would rather say ‘money psychology guru’.

I remembered when he told me that to reach financial goal, a specific number must be reached.

For example, get your first RM30K cash in bank.

Then work on the next RM30K which equivalent to total of RM60K.

Be focus. One at a time.

There is a specific calculation can be made based on each of our situation. He told me once that, mentally, our mind as human need to be set. Initially, it needs to get something concrete to get hold onto.

Let the mind get the power of ‘seeing’, ‘holding’ and ‘feeling’ at the basic level.

This mean that the value does not necessary be in form of physical money.

The mind should not worry of what is not there, but instead building confidence with what is there!


Yes, be realistic and set your goal achievable. Do not speak to the person who has similar situation with you to get advice.

Seek advice from the professionals.

Reveal the stories untold!

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