Having a great business network is awesome. It helps a person to stay focus and supported by a group of the people with the same state of mind.

The time spend to share experience and help each other grow professionally is a countless effort. The more you give, the more you will receive later.

Meetups are important and need to be done regularly. What do you normally do when you meet up? Many tend to waste their energy and time. Let me share some tips on how to make meetups meaningful.

1. Set an objective

Even for a cup of coffee, there must be an objective set to be achieved at the end of the meet up. Example, at the end of the meet up I will be able to get latest updates on the government policy for preschool education.

Your meetup could be lengthy just for one simple objective depending on who do you meet.

2. Ask ‘business brainy’ question.

Avoid asking personal questions which relate too deeply with personal conversation. Well, sometime, to build rapport, you might want to ask a few for a start.

Remember to focus and ask related questions in business. Example, what is the latest project that you are working on? How do you see the current economic situation could effect your business?

These question will lead the other party to talk more and you should listen more!

3. Share your stories.

As and when necessary, share your own stories after enough listening. However, the focus is on the other party to benefit from your story as you have benefited from his.

Well, get out of your working table and go meet another business people!


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