Culture and Nature

Happy Mothers Day.

Happy Teachers Day.

Everyday is a day for mothers and teachers. However, I just wanted to take the opportunity on today`s post to say this out loud to everyone. 🙂

Well, both teachers and mothers have great responsibility towards developing the next generation of the world. We always wanted the world to be a better place for everyone to live in.

It has a great connection between a person and the environment where he grew up. People were debating about nature vs nurture. Yet, debating alone does not move anything. Ideas for improvement and growth for the next generation is now become the focus.

A friend of mine said about an idea how he wants to `train` his childern to be more environment conscious. He shared some great ways and ideas on how he did that at home. However, he said that it was not as strong as what he expected.

Raising a child needs a village. It can`t be done alone or by a single family. Our children`s spend most of their time outside the `family hour`. Many of the influence and thought not only instill by parents and family but the whole community.

If I were to teach my child about money-wise, I need to have a group of mothers to have their children to be thought the same idea. Then, when they go out, they will be able to have a little support group among each other to practice and accummulate the habits. This evetually will at least be a strenght of a small group which later shared to a larger community.

Again, raising a child needs a village.

It is time to move on with life enhancing ideas from within.

Which `village` are you in?

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