Writers & Illustrators Conference and Media Summit AFCC : Day 5

Alhamdulillah. Praises to Allah.

I was grateful to be directed to a life learning journey which full of energy.

Well, though it could be positive or negative, it is still an energy!


Yesterday was the last day, and I have ended my session at 3.45pm. Getting myself prepared with prayer, for the next journey back home.

It had made me experienced a moment at Masjid Sultan, Arab Street.


Noraminah Omar

I saw lines of posters about the masjid’s program which featured many Malaysian speakers and ustaz.


Back on the Conference. The day was filled with new energy and momentum of how children’s literature transformed through the journey of great IT and technology.

I have attended 4 sessions of talks which include on topics of:

  • the transformation and future of children’s content
  • how diversity is celebrated through multicultural children’s literature
  • how books are edited, how writers include humour in stories
  • how publishing and media could be partnered

Kate McCallum has shared on how innovation changed the children’s way of reading and enjoying content through new media.

Later, I met a local charismatic businessman who is also a publisher, Tuan Ahmad Redza who have shared about his experienced traveling around the world and saw how beautiful children’s literature being celebrated.

Then, 3 speakers spoke on how they built in humor in writing for children’s content. It was really a process and a kind of talent which I believe made those writers successful.

It was amazing to know that a writer kept his idea and manuscript for 10 years before it being published. Well, nothing is easy but things can be easy too.

It was also a great session of sharing on how editor’s edit a book. It makes the audience of the day realised that a good editor will always look for a ‘spark’ in a story. A strong story will travel the world.

My last session was even beyond I can imagine. Characters and stories from a book, suddenly become alive in games, movies, serial stories and even to merchandising. Again, it is about the story that matters.

Good characters alone do not bring the book far without a good story and content.

There are things shared and information discussed. I watched and observed things which I never thought could happen in the children’s content world. It was simply amazing, masyaallah.

I know, that I will not be able to do much now.

But, understanding the journey and challenges it takes is a great mind preparation towards a good soul and honest heart to write great stories for children.

  • People might thought writing for children is easy.
  • Some people think, it is a fun job and everyone can do it.
  • Others might see, there is not much money from it.
  • Many think it is just a simple writing, what is so hard?

The reality for those who have the passion is to start writing. I have made my conclusion that many skills can be learnt. Find the collision point of  your passion and skill and you will find it easy after the first time.

Keep writing, listen to comments, improve, be within the right circle of friends.


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