Strange things?



It is strange. Do you see the dots? Or you see blank lines on top?

Strange things happen in life.

Is it strange when husband and wife separated after 40 years marriage?

Is it strange if a good friends for 20 years turn into enemy?

Is it strange if someone who have working for 40 years and decided not to?

Is it strange to you?



I am not sure. But, for some people, anything could happen in life. They just move on despite what happen around them.

I met a lady whom I know for years. She will always encounter critical health problem when she got pregnant. Now, she is carrying her 4th baby.

Well, sounds strange to know that pregnancy is difficult, yet still want to conceive.

I met a business friend who had failed in business for more than 3 times. He is still in business and doing business.

Well, it sounds strange to know people who fail to do things and yet, still keep doing it.




How about you? Anything strange happens lately?

I have lots of strange things and feelings around me…almost everyday.

But, as I move on, the ‘strange things’ become my most welcome guest and later be my friends. 🙂

Strange things are just part of life.

Happy weekend friends!


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