This week is really a hectic yet, productive week for me.

There are things done and completed, though I was not present at some of the venues.

People will not see me often hanging around in schools and offices. There are plans, structures and documents in place ready for the team to access.


Now, focusing on the next move and plan, while carrying the responsibility of maintaining what’s already in hand.

In business management, physical presence needed for certain reasons. Planning, maintaining and growing business, might not need a physical presence.

There are circumstances when there is a need for physical presence. I am attending meetings, business networking session, tea talk session and others.

Yet, there are meetings of executives and managers which I do not have to be in. I believe with their decision for the scope given to them.

Nevertheless, it is based on the management system that we choose to be in. There are many types and differences in management styles.

In one place, finishing work early, helping others finishing a task and going back early means you are an effective manager.

In  another place, staying back and focus on your own job is the best.

Difference is everywhere.

It is in our life.

Choose to adapt and be agile is still a choice.


Have a beautiful Thursday friends!

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