CCBF 2013 : Day 2 – The Exhibition

Day 2 : 7 November 2013 : 9.00am – 6.00pm

I am still at CCBF, Shanghai today.
The exhibition starts at 10.00 am and ends at 6.00pm.

I was determined to wear ‘kain batik sarong’ during the 3 days of the exhibition. GREEN is for Day 1.


The exhibition was not an ordinary as what I had experience in Malaysia.

Today (1st day of the exhibition) and tomorrow (2nd day of the exhibition) is only open for ‘Trade Visitors’.

This time, Kota Buku from Malaysia is selling rights to other parties who are interested on any of our stories content.

I have learnt that ‘digital rights’ is only one of the rights traded here. Other rights are also traded including printing and merchandising.

Language is not an issue, but it does makes a different when a non-english speaking chinese wanted to do business with us.

We had an assistance from Mr Tsai, a translator from Kota Buku and also Mr Daniel who represent Tourism Malaysia at Malaysia Pavilion.

Yet, I was amazed with the size of the crowd, though it is not open for public, yet.

There are agents from all kinds of institution including universities in China.


From left: Madam Mohana, Puan Norhayati, Puan Maslina and myself in batik sarong.

As a first timer attending ‘trading rights’ discussion and negotiation, I learnt  a lot from the team of Kota Buku.

Puan Horhayati  is one of them.

The  day was challenging enough.

The crowd was big and we had to run around attending people and assisting them to understand our content.

Below are some photos taken by me after the crowd was ‘cooling off’ towards closing hour at 6.00 pm.

Front View : Malaysian Pavilion


Busy. Busy. Busy.


Explain. Tell. Show.


Books : New Titles from Kota Buku


Left View : Malaysia Pavilion


Puan Hayati attending the last visitor at the booth.

Earlier in the morning, I attended a session on Report Presentation of the China Retail Market for Children’s Book.

The crowd was big.


I had to sit at the back as the front rows are all filled up. Yes, the earphone for translation version was very helpful.

Overall, the potential of foreign books to enter China’s market is estimated to grow positively with the current market share of 40%.

It is seen that in China, the retail market segment merely dominated by literature children’s storybook.

I believe, more information about books in China is elaborated at the link below.

It was amazing to view such a big crowd of ‘trade visitors’ on the first day.

Teamwork is the key.


Malaysia Pavilion consists of few major areas.

Below are some photos which I managed to take before the exhibition open at 10.00 am and later around 5.30pm when the crowd is slowing down.

See you in the next update!


Puan Zatika (left) and Me for another ‘book post’.


Tuan Zamri Mohamad and Puan Fazeila Isa.


Display Area: Dewan Bahasa Pustaka


Display Area : Backbone Entertainment Sdn Bhd


WALL OF FAME : Malaysian Illustrators


Wall Display : University Sains of Malaysia


Wall Display : Tourism Malaysia



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