CCBF 2013 : Day 3 – More to Come!

Day 3 : 8 November 2013, 9.00 am – 6.00 pm

Today is another day that we look forward to.

It is still a day open for trade visitor.

Today's photo.
Today’s photo : Me in ‘batik sarong’ with the theme – RED.

Malaysia Pavilion was open as early as 9.30am and exactly by 10.00am, the area of ‘Batik Painting’ were loaded with people.


Children are the most excited crowd.

IMG-20131108-01967 IMG-20131108-01969 IMG-20131108-01973

I have to leave for a Forum session at Level 3.

The forum with 6 panels were discussing about the children’s book industry in China.

It was an interesting topic where players in the industry has given new insights to the local players of related agency including publishers, rights agency and marketing channel.

Mainly, there are some highlights which I would like to share:

1.  Readers TRIBE is created through series of children’s picture books.

2. Parents, children and families need to be supported. There are positive reviews from parents and families on children’s book in China.

3. The success in publishing is greatly depends on the professionalism of writers, illustrators and designers.

4. ‘Price war’ must be avoided.

5. Internationally, content comes before illustration.

As usual, I sat at the side front corners with an earphone for translation.

It was much more to share. But, let me keep some for later.

It was a great forum and I have seen the commitment given by all the speakers to deliver the best content to the audience.

At around 1.30pm, I went back to Malaysia Pavilion… it was busy as usual.

IMG-20131108-01977 IMG-20131108-01978

At 2.30 pm Tuan Zamri and I was joining a business discussion session called ‘speed dating’ where we were arranged to meet up with 7 other companies.

We did exchange information and materials which we mainly promote from Malaysia.

Mean time, we both learn the about the needs of the industry in China.

The list of ‘speed dating’ meet up session. 🙂


1. Most publishers are looking for English version of the book.

2. They prefer books in series at least 4 titles.

3. They are looking for interesting illustrations – clear, vibrant color, cute.

I guess, Kota Buku’s team will be much prepared for CCBF 2013.


At 3.30pm, the team was busy preparing for the soft launch of Malaysia New Titles by Kota Buku.

IMG-20131108-01983 IMG-20131108-01984 IMG-20131108-01985

The launch was officiated by the consulate of Malaysia in Shanghai, Mr. Hendy Assan.


At 5.45pm after we clear up the pavilion, we start to move for the night session.

We were brought to a restaurant at ‘Pearl Hotel’ which I was not sure of the location. It took 30 minutes ride on the bus to get there.

We went back early at 9.00pm and safely reached out ‘home out of home’ in Shanghai.


The building.
The building.


Located at the 3rd floor of the hotel.

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