CCBF 2013 : Day 5 – Up the hill, down the valley.

Saturday is the day when CCBF was one for public.

The crown was even bigger.

Early in the morning at Malaysia Pavilion, Puan Hayati briefed us all about the day’s objective for Kota Buku.

I was amazed and touched by the commitment and dedication showed by the team.
It was an honored for me to be part of it as a writer.


Morning briefing.

The wall of fame changed for the 3rd time.

Today, the illustrations of Tuan Emiree Hashim was on displayed.

The ‘wall of fame’.

I have to say that his drawing has catch many eyes and I believed that the next 4 manuscript will be another hit for the titles and for Emiree too!

“Little Froggie Looks for Friends”
Author : Noraminah Omar
Illustrator : Emiree Hashim
Media : Digital

Another book written by Ida, which was illustrated by Emiree.


I spent some time to walk around purposely to get and buy some books as the day is a public day.

Many books were displayed and some local publishers brought in new items and new titles of books for the public to purchase.

I was happy to see such a big group and somehow amazed too.

New ideas keep coming as we stroll at the exhibition hall level 3. (1 level up from the Malaysia Pavilion)

A storytelling session by a librarian at the library booth.
Busy at one of the booth.
People keep coming in and out.
A specific area of display and place for parents and children to hang out and rest, out side the Exhibition Hall 3.
Me in ‘batik sarong’ today. Theme : PURPLE.

Personally, I felt happy and satisfied for the past 3 days in Shanghai for CCBF event.

However, I feel sad as we have to say good bye to all the books today.

In Malaysia Pavilion, all books which already published in Malaysia was sold to the public.

I keep telling myself that 2014, CCBF will be filled with more joy from the books which I wrote…

See you in 2014 CCBF, Shanghai!

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