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Why frog?



When I first learnt about writing children story books, I realized that many children books in the market are presented through chosen character by the writer.

Animal character does not directly telling the children moral values in the story. It is used widely for children to imagine and associate real life situation with the content of the story.

The animal character chosen does not resemble anyone in their real life in the illustration. But, the emotion, value and content of the story does.

Children merely love character which is familiar to them. Animals are among the favorite among children.

As far as I remembered, other than pets, the biggest memory about animals that I had were snake and frog.

When I was small, every morning as I entered the bathroom, I will come across a frog. Either under the water tap, at the bathroom corner or sometime they stick themselves at the wall.

As i lived in a ‘kampung’ house, the bathroom was not attached to our house. It was at least 1 meter away from our house.

I believe, that is the main reason I choose frog as a character in one of the series of children’s picture book.


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