Life Lessons from the Kitchen

When I was young, I used to watch my mother early in the morning.

She normally woke up as early as 4.30am. She will prepare breakfast, which normally heavy.

She cooked rice and one side dish.

My father worked in an oil palm estate and need to pack his lunch with him.

Father will normally reached home around 2 or 3 pm after cycling for almost 30-40 minutes.

Well, I remembered well that I sometime sat quietly and watch her from behind. Our kitchen was small and my mother can simply sit next to it. It was a wooden kitchen which she needs to take some time to lit up the fire for  cooking.

My most favorite breakfast was rice and stir fried tapioca with chili or stir fried small shrimp with chili.
It was nice when eaten with hot rice.

I used to bring packed food to school. Sometime, it was just plain rice and salted fish.

For me, that was heaven!

One day, I remembered that my mother somehow have no breakfast left for me to pack.

She was later came to me and handed 2 boiled potatoes.
She said, “Have this at school. You need to eat and have energy. Later, come home after school and eat lunch.”

I did not asked why and I was not sure why my mother gave me the 2 boiled potatoes.

Yet, she still gave me pocket money.

At that time with 50 cents, I can buy nasi lemak, kuih and drinks too!

Boiled potatoes; were something that I don’t like. Compared to boiled eggs, I rather have empty stomach to school.

Potatoes and eggs were both boiled in the same way. But they are different in structure before being boiled.

Potatoes – sturdy, hard.

After being boiled, soft and you can mash them!


Eggs – easy to break, soft in the inside
After being put in water with certain temperature and pressure, become harder, yet you can still mash them too!


Tonight, I remembered how my mother was very concern of her children’s readiness to school. Breakfast was a must.

Most important, it reminds me on something else.

Shall I behave like a potato?
Sturdy and hard, yet after being pressured I become soft.

…or as an egg?

Soft, easy to break, yet harden after being pressured. Still, soft.

I guess, coffee beans are better.

Dark and black. Yet, it still gives out the best aroma and makes everyone smile for a cup of coffee.

Even after being crushed, it remains as powder.


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