AFCC 2014 – Another Journey (Day 2)

Day 2 of AFCC offered a variety of fruitful sessions for writes and illustrators.

The sessions which were attended, has filled me with new perspectives on writing and illustrating.

Though children’s picture books look simple and easy to read, the process was not as what many people think. It requires effort to simplify big ideas, putting it in an acceptable storyline and plot which need to be supported with illustrations which can speaks beyond what words are.

Ability to read children’s wild imagination is a gift. Writing and illustrating is a talent which I personally believed, deserved to be recognized among out children.

Yet, we as adult will need to put our effort to ensure that our children able to explore their own talent and grow their character in the best way possible be it through reading, writing or telling stories of their own.

Day 2 ended with a night of music which I will never forget.

noraminah omar

Below are the short summary for all the session I attended today.

+ visual literacy allows children to explore their own world and imagination through pictures and illustration. It does not need words or any printed letters for children to explore.

+ life is something real for our children to explore. Despite fun and laughter, death and despair are part of many stories that touches human life. Children too, can be exposed to this in a great way of putting and illustrating picture books nicely.

+ the experience of Chihiro Picture Books Museum was amazing. Children’s book illustration were kept in their original form and were given the trust from the illustrators themselves for the museum to keep based on relationship and trust.

+ character building starts during the early years of a child’s life. Through storybooks, they will be able to understand the concept of integrity and dignity. Ideas are transported well through story and supported with meaningful illustrations.

+ writing a story has many techniques. Being able to describe the protagonist and antagonist will enable the writer to plot the story well. Then, story which written using similes and metaphors leave children to continue with their imagination while they explore the characters through the story.

See you in next post!

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