Inspiration of Children Storybooks

Children Storybook : The launch @ AFCC 2014

Having what you wanted to say to others, need a level of courage for one to do it. Personal stories or simply an idea to be shared, it doesn’t matters.

The main point remains. It is about sending the ideas, values and message about life to reach out to others.

Reading a children’s picture book to our child, need us as adult to be aware of what is in the storyline. Even sometime, our children might be able to find it our first, it is an interesting experience to find out what our children think of about the story.

Our personal experience could sometime relate and our children’s own experienced might be able to be shared.

Giving ample opportunity for our children to speak out their opinion and their ideas on what they read from text and pictures, enable them to express themselves. It will be a new experience for some children to look at pictures and understanding the whole flow of the story.

Below are some tips which we can do while reading to inspire:

1. Let our child have enough time to hold the book.

2. Let him see from cover to cover.

3. Read it to him when he is ready. We might need to ask them, sometime.

4. Ask some open ended question such as: What do you think the main character feels? If you were there, what would you say to him (main character)? Who else do you think he (main character) should speak to?

5. Let our child finishes his own sentence. Wait. Listen.

Let us keep inspiring our children to leap forward.




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